Justin Kirk Obituary, Resident of Springfield has passed away – Death

Justin Kirk Obituary, Resident of Springfield has passed away - Death

Justin Kirk Death, Obituary – Ellsworth, Justin McKinley is his name. On Monday, January 16, 2023, Kirk, 24 years old and a resident of Springfield, went dead suddenly.
He was the son of Brian M. Kirk and Tammy L. (Stinnette) Kirk and was born in Petersburg on November 6, 1998. His mother’s maiden name was Stinnette. Larry Kirk, Justin’s paternal grandfather, passed away first, followed by Gay Dixon, Justin’s paternal grandmother. Justin was predeceased by both of his paternal grandparents (the late James Dixon).

In addition to his parents, Justin is survived by his sister, Taylor N. Kirk, who resides in Springfield; his maternal grandparents, Bob and Saundra Stinnette, also residing in Springfield; and his paternal step-grandmother, Karen Kirk, who resides in Maryland. In addition, he is survived by a large number of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Justin was a people person who genuinely enjoyed making others happy and who shone more brightly than any other person in any given space. His family and friends cherished the time they could spend with him, and he treasured the time he could spend with them as well.

It was well known that he gave everything he did his “all out” effort, including his duty as “The Stiltsman” at the House of the Setting Sun in Green Spring, where he worked. He took great satisfaction in this role. He had a deep love for all creatures, but especially for his cherished dog, Ollie. Because of his boundless patience with smaller children, Justin won the hearts of many people and earned their adoration. His addiction ultimately proved fatal, despite the fact that he had a great heart. There is no way that you wouldn’t grin if your path crossed his, and those who knew and loved him will miss him terribly, as his sister affectionately dubbed him “BB.”

There is no way that you wouldn’t smile if your path touched his. 2017 was the year that Justin completed his high school education at Hampshire. He participated in the Harmony Show Choir while he was a student at the high school. In the past, he has held positions as an emergency medical technician with Valley Health and Springfield Rescue Squad in addition to his employment as a phlebotomist at Potomac Valley Hospital in Keyser. In addition to that, Justin held certifications as both a lifeguard and as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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