Josh Trout Obituary, Technology Specialist Has Died

Josh Trout Obituary, Technology Specialist Has Died

Josh Trout Death, Obituary – We would like to express our deepest condolences to everyone for the loss of Josh Trout, who served as our Information Technology Specialist. He passed away recently. At the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, all of us will remember Josh with much fondness and respect. Everyone will miss Josh, as he was an important part of the team, and their lack of progress will be greatly impacted as a result of his absence. Not only did Josh hold the position of head of the Information Technology department at IAMU for the most of the roughly twenty-five years that he worked there, but he was also the department’s sole employee for the majority of that period.

Please click on this LINK if you would want to express your sympathy to Josh’s family and friends on the occasion of his passing and provide some words of consolation and comfort to them. Thank you. The members of our team have been making concerted efforts to educate themselves on the numerous and varied time-sensitive obligations that Josh fulfilled, one of which was the publication of The Informer newsletter. This is a direct result of his passing, and it has caused the members of our team to be making these efforts. Assuming that this issue has been rectified, I believe that we will soon be in a position to resume our operations in accordance with our previously laid out plans.

During this trying time, our community members have displayed incredible patience and grace toward one another as well as toward us, and for that, we are really grateful.

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