Jose Salcedo Obituary, Missing man discovered dead after hit-and-run – Death

Jose Salcedo Obituary, Missing man discovered dead after hit-and-run - Death

Jose Salcedo Death, Obituary – The Davison Township Police Department is now conducting an investigation into a hit-and-run accident that they believe resulted in the death of a man who had been reported missing. They believe the guy was struck by a vehicle and then fled the scene of the accident. They suspect that the victim was hit by a car, and that the driver of the vehicle then fled the site of the collision. On January 13, at approximately 6:42 in the morning, police were called to check on the well-being of a person who had been reported missing. The person’s whereabouts had been listed as unknown.

The individual who placed the call reported that they had seen a person strolling through a field towards a vehicle on Interstate 69 that had its flashing warning lights turned on. According to the investigations, the police spoke with two passengers who indicated they were waiting for the driver, Jose Salcedo, who had reportedly departed to go obtain oil. These passengers told the police that they were waiting for the driver. According to the passengers’ statements to the police, they were holding out for Salcedo. Following his absence, the passengers in the vehicles were taken back to their separate homes by their individual drivers.

Later on that day, a member of his family is alleged to have informed the authorities that he had vanished and was presumed dead due to the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. On Saturday, January 14, a mail carrier reportedly discovered a dead body in a ditch in front of 1068 Gale Road and immediately contacted 911 after making the find. According to the police, the mail carrier made the discovery. The officials said that the body of a man was found after what looks to have been an accident with someone hitting someone else and then fleeing the scene.

An investigation into the incident will be carried out by the Davison Area Reconstruction Team, which has been activated in order to carry out the investigation so that additional information can be acquired. According to the findings of the investigation, the name of the deceased person was revealed to be Jose Salcedo.
The police have claimed that they have a strong suspicion that the event took place on Friday morning some time between 6:15 and 7:15 a.m., and that they believe this to be the most likely time frame for its occurrence.

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