Jontell White Obituary, Jontell White Has Passed Away At Age 30

Jontell White Obituary, Jontell White Has Passed Away At Age 30

Jontell White Death, Obituary – The identify of a guy who was shot and died early on Saturday morning in Grand Rapids has been made public by the Grand Rapids Police Department. The shooting victim was a male. The individual was killed as a direct consequence of the shooting. He was thirty years old at the time of the conversation. The body of Jontell White was discovered close to 1900 S Division at approximately 1:45 in the morning, shortly after police had been called to the area in response to the sound of gunfire. Jontell White had been murdered by a gunshot wound.

During a press conference that was held on Saturday, the Grand Rapids Police Department reported that the officers were conducting routine patrols in the area when they heard gunfire, which allowed them to respond quickly. The press conference was held to discuss the incident. After completing an autopsy on White, the medical examiner for Kent County came to the conclusion that White’s death was the result of a wrongful act committed by another person. The investigators, who provided a description of the suspect, stated that the perpetrator was believed to have fled the scene as the police arrived, and they provided a description of the suspect. According to the investigators, the police arrived just as the culprit was fleeing the scene.

The male person was described as wearing full black attire, including a black coat, black slacks, and black footwear. The description further stated that the male subject was wearing a black hat.

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