Jonathan Dowie Car Accident, Des Moines Iowa, Jonathan Dowie Tragically Passed Away – Death

Jonathan Dowie Car Accident, Des Moines Iowa, Jonathan Dowie Tragically Passed Away - Death

Jonathan Dowie Obituary, Death – Johnathan Dowie was honored with the Purple Heart in recognition of his service during World War II. Not only was he a fantastic sportsman, but he also served as a coach, a police officer, and a firefighter for the city of Kearny in addition to being a member of those departments. When he passed away on January 4, 2015, John B. Dowie, who had been a resident of Jupiter, Florida all of his life, had reached the age of 89. Today, Wednesday, January 7, 2015, at six o’clock in the evening, a memorial ceremony will be held at the Taylor & Modeen Funeral Home in Jupiter, Florida. The funeral home is located at 250 Center Street in the central business district of Jupiter. John spent his childhood in Kearny, New Jersey, and went to school there, where he was a standout athlete and earned letters in football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. John currently resides in Kearny, New Jersey.

John calls the town of Kearny in New Jersey his home at the moment. In 1943, he led the baseball team that won the Greater Newark Tournament as the team captain and played shortstop on the championship squad. That that year, the competition was staged in Newark. As a result of his accomplishments in baseball, he was recognized by having his name entered into the Kearny High School Athletic Hall of Fame. After getting his diploma and graduating from Kearny High School in December 1943, he did not wait long before enlisting in the United States Army in January 1944. At the time, the United States was in the midst of fighting in World War II. During the conflict, he served as an infantryman in the Pacific Theater of Operations with the 163rd Regimental Combat Team of the 41st Infantry Division of the United States Army. During his service there, he was a participant in various island attacks that were launched against Japanese forces.

During the Battle of Biak Island, he was hit by enemy fire, which left him with a wound. He spent the majority of his time during the war serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations. As a token of appreciation for his service, he was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Purple Heart, as well as the Bronze Star. After moving back to Kearny, John attended John Marshall College and became active in the Kearny area’s baseball and basketball communities while he was there. During this time period, John was also a part of the baseball and basketball teams that represented Kearny. Because teaching and managing Kearny minor baseball teams was something he greatly enjoyed doing, he devoted a significant amount of his spare time to doing it. He was a devoted follower of baseball. He followed baseball quite closely.

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