Johnny Merson Obituary, Vail Colorado, has died – Death

Johnny Merson Obituary, Vail Colorado, has died - Death

Johnny Merson Obituary, Death – On October 19, 2015, Johnny Merson, who lives in Elkridge, Maryland, was brought into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol. Judy M. Merson, who is also his wife, is a well respected companion. Merson is also married to Judy M. Merson. In addition to Julie M. Merson, he is the father of John W. Merson III, who is married to Heather Ann, and they all hold him in the highest esteem and adore their family. He is the brother of Jill Cassell, Joyce Nichols, Jason Merson, and the late Jeff Merson. Jill Cassell, Joyce Nichols, and Jason Merson are his siblings.

Denise Merson is the individual that holds the role of his sister-in-law. Merson, who loved spending time with his grandchildren Courtney, John IV, Rebecca, and Ryan, held his position as a grandfather in high regard. In addition to this, he has a sizable number of nieces and nephews who he will be unable to take with him when he moves. Mr. Merson took his retirement from the Baltimore County Fire Department, where he had worked for a significant amount of time, as well as from the Howard County Parks and Recreation Department.

Where he had worked at Rockburn Park for a sizeable portion of his career. Both of these departments are located in Howard County. Mr. Merson served the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department for many years and eventually became a life member. In addition to that, he contributed a sizeable portion of his spare time to the Elkridge Fire Department in the capacity of a volunteer firefighter. Mr. Merson distinguished himself while serving as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps at the time that the United States was actively involved in the Vietnam War. He was presented with a Purple Heart as a token of appreciation for his service.

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