John Whitfield Obituary, Learn More About John Whitfield Death

John Whitfield Obituary, Learn More About John Whitfield Death

John Whitfield Obituary, Death – Everyone at the Llandudno Football Club is in a deep state of sadness after learning that John Whitfield passed away following a long battle with cancer. Whitfield had been battling cancer for a very long time. John Whitfield was a veteran player for the club during his career. John Whitfield has maintained his position as chairman of our company throughout the years, having previously held that position.Please accept our sincere condolences during this difficult time on behalf of his family and the many friends he leaves behind.

We know this is a difficult moment for all of you. We are truly sorry for the loss you have suffered. We are aware that each of you is currently confronting a difficult situation right now. Because John put in a very high amount of work over the two seasons that he served as chair of Llandudno, it was fairly obvious that he cared deeply about the club and the community throughout those two seasons.

This was the case because John put in an exceptionally high amount of labor. The reason for this was that John had previously held the position of chair of Llandudno. This accomplishment was a direct outcome of the extraordinary work that he put forth throughout each of those distinct seasons. This accomplishment was earned as a direct result of the huge amount of effort that he put in over both seasons of the competition.

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