John White Obituary, Resident of Griffith Avenue has died – Death

John White Obituary, Resident of Griffith Avenue has died - Death

John White Death, Obituary – John White, who resided at Griffith Avenue in Clonmel, which is located in County Tipperary, Ireland, has passed away. Clonmel is one of the towns that make up Tipperary County. Tipperary’s administrative center is located in Clonmel. John’s passing was peaceful and took place on Saturday morning at Tipperary University Hospital. He was surrounded by his devoted and loving family members when he passed away. His valiant fight against cancer was ultimately unsuccessful, and he passed away.

His demise was peaceful, and even in his final moments, he was accorded a great deal of respect by those around him. His devoted wife Mary, his daughters Gerardine (Malone) and Patricia, his son David, his sister Maudie (Cremmins), his grandchildren Simon and Tara, his son-in-law Jim, his daughter-in-law Geraldine, his brothers-in-law, his sisters-in-law, his nephews and nieces, as well as his extended family and friends, will miss him terribly. He will also be greatly missed by his friends and extended family. All of the people who shared special relationships with him will experience a profound loss upon his passing. He was a much-loved member of the family, both as a companion to his wife and as a parent to his children and other offspring.

We pray to God that he will grant him the kind of tranquility that cannot be explained. On Monday evening, from five o’clock to seven o’clock, members of the family will be available at the Condons Funeral Parlour in Clonmel to meet and greet visitors who have traveled to the establishment to pay their respects. The transfer that is going to take place at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul has set the day, Tuesday, as the day that it is going to take place. The funeral liturgy is scheduled to begin at one in the afternoon, when mourners will begin to arrive at the location. If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to watch it, Ss. Peter and Paul’s Parish is offering a live streaming option for those of you who are interested. Those specific persons will have complete access to the event’s viewing options.

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