John Jay High School Shooting – Report of shots fired at La Fiesta de Jalisco

John Jay High School Shooting - Report of shots fired at La Fiesta de Jalisco

JOHN JAY HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING – The reports state that gunfire was heard coming from the area of the restaurant Fiesta Jalisco, which is located just across the street from John Jay High School. At this time, the John Jay facility is operating under a lockout procedure that is rather less strict. At the La Fiesta de Jalisco, the police have stated that there have been no reports of injuries and that the celebration does not involve a gunman who is still at large. In addition, according to the statement made by the police, there is not a single suspect who is still at large.

Investigation efforts are being carried forward by law enforcement officers and detectives who are now present at the scene. These officers and detectives are continuing their investigation into the matter at this time. When this report was being written, neither the presence of any victims nor their identification had been confirmed as a fact. This remains the case as of the time of this report’s completion.

There has been no advancement made in the process of discovering any potential criminals, and there has been no information that has been immediately shared regarding any arrests. The police have issued a request to the general public, requesting that they do not enter the area until further notice.

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