John Cliff Obituary, Former Player St. Mary’s Masters of Rugby League Has Passed Away – Death

John Cliff Obituary, Former Player St. Mary's Masters of Rugby League Has Passed Away - Death

John Cliff Death, Obituary – The news of John Cliff’s demise on the thirteenth of January, which was a Friday, came as a shock to us, and our hearts were filled with sorrow. It is with a heavy heart that we have to provide this information to you, but unfortunately, it is required. He fought cancer for a long time, but despite his best efforts, he was ultimately unable to overcome it, and he succumbed to its consequences and died. After playing on the A grade team for St. Mary’s, John went on to become a founder member of the St. Mary Masters and was a member of the team when it was in its early years.

In addition, John played on the A grade team for St. Mary’s. In the early years of the St. Mary Masters program, John was also a player on the team. Because he made such significant contributions, John will be sadly missed not just in the here and now but also in the years to come because he was a valuable member of our team and because of the contributions he made in the past. Despite the fact that we were able to create some wonderful memories during the time that we spent together, my dear friend John showtime Clift, my close friend, you will be greatly missed till the time that we meet again.

Until then, I hope that our lives will soon cross again. You, my dear old buddy, bring a lot of memories flooding back to me, including all of the wonderful days that we spent together and all of the joyful times that we shared. Regarding the Masters of St. Mary, this is one of the misconceptions that is the most pervasive. Everyone who now resides here will grievously miss having you here among them. The Cliffy that cannot be Competed with Anywhere Else in the World

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