John Bolls Obituary Jackson MS, Mourn the death of John Bolls

John Bolls Obituary Jackson MS, Mourn the death of John Bolls

John Bolls Obituary, Death – The sad news that John Bolls had passed away while he was surrounded by his family reached me yesterday. Quinn Bolls, who is also my best buddy and served as my best man at my wedding, has a father named John Bolls. What sets John Bolls apart from other people is the fact that I do not consider him to be Quinn’s father; rather, I consider him to be my buddy. In all candor, over the course of the past ten years, I’ve spent more time hanging out with him than with Quinn.

John Bolls liked to converse. He was skilled at the activity. But what was most important was that he enjoyed listening. He had a sincere interest in other people and how they lived their lives. Because of this, he never talked to anyone he didn’t know. He was always able to connect the connections in his life with your story and relate to what you were saying. He had a way of making everyone feel as though they were his best friend.

My first recollections of John Bolls were riding in the passenger seat of his Mercedes with the windows down, listening to Janis Joplin, and celebrating a Bomber baseball victory while the aroma of cigars fills the air. You were allowed to eat in the Mercedes, but only if you could fit the entire cracker in your mouth. He will be pleased to learn that I have always followed to his rule that there should be no crumbs. The things that stick out in our minds from when we were 8 years old

John Bolls was there for me through everything: he was my first baseball coach, he drove us to our first school dance (with girls! ), he celebrated Raider victories, he hosted my graduation party, he almost got evicted in Destin, he was there when I introduced my parents to the woman who would become my wife, and he sat in the second row at my wedding. When you were younger, you probably believed that John Bolls had magically appeared at all of life’s crucial events. You realize as an adult that he was the one who made them. I have high hopes that my kid Jay will be blessed with the presence of a John Bolls in his life. I have no doubt that Jay’s closest companions will count John Bolls among their number.

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