Joanne Nash Obituary, One of the 12 original founding members of the ACKCSC Joanne Nash Has Died

Joanne Nash Obituary, Death – On 1/12/23, we learned of Joanne Nash’s (Rambler Cavaliers) demise. It is with with regret that we share this news. Joanne was one of the original 12 people to join the ACKCSC when it was first established. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Jim and her family during this difficult time. She was a teacher at the junior high school I attended, and my mother knew her from her time serving on the school board. When I was a senior in high school, my family and I brought our new golden retriever puppy to her home for training courses.

It was there that I had my first encounter with a Cavalier. After some time had passed and I had completed my education, my family and I were viewing old movies of puppy school, and I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to get one of those adorable tiny puppies. Although Joanne did not have a puppy available for me, she did point me in the proper path, for which I will be eternally grateful, and I will always regard her to be the person who got me started. Jim and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. Both Joanne and Jim were wonderful friends and supporters at all times.

They were the first members of Cavaliers who I talked to. She made the introduction, and after that, well, my whole world shifted! Together, we endured a lot of hardships… She was a wonderful support system for me as I navigated the challenges of being a single parent. Served as a source of inspiration for me as a new Cavalier owner. I was encouraged and urged to get active in the club that serves our community. When Goldie was taken from us several years ago, she fought me tooth and nail… So many precious recollections You will always be remembered, Joanne, in my heart.

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