Jim Topor Obituary, Tribute to Jim Topor

Jim Topor Obituary, Death – The entire Good Grief family is in mourning over the loss of one of our own, Jim Topor, who made a significant contribution to Good Grief. He worked diligently as a board member for a number of years, during which time he enlisted the participation of others, including members of the business world. Outside of the doors of the Morristown Center, where the Good Grief sign that he and his son so carefully crafted sits, Jim’s passion and dedication stretched well beyond those walls. Because of that stunning sign, a large number of people—including the bereaved families we help and the volunteers who support us find their way to the Good Grief door.

Because to his hard work, thoughtfulness, and generous nature, Jim has made an unforgettable mark on each and every one of us. We are thankful to Jim for the dedication and enthusiasm he has shown toward Good Grief, and we are sending his wife and children our love, support, and understanding in this difficult time.

Donations to the organization Good Grief would be greatly appreciated by Jim’s family from anyone who would wish to make a gift in his memory. The family has requested this. The Topor family has made it their mission to help other bereaved families carry on the tradition of giving back that was started by their ancestors.

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