Riley Scharper Obituary, Pharmacist At Miller Pharmacy Has Passed Away – Death

Jill Scharper Obituary, Pharmacist At Miller Pharmacy Has Passed Away - Death

Riley Scharper Obituary, Death – As a son, brother, spouse, parent, and friend, Riley was excellent. More than everything, he cherished the company of his wife, daughter, and extended family. He was quite proud of his incredible collection of baseball cards. Riley enjoys spending his summers at Target Field and Principal Park autographing baseball cards. He was an ardent supporter of the Minnesota Twins and Green Bay Packers. He had no trouble recalling any MLB player, NFL team, or statistic.

Riley and his wife Katlyn frequently attended performances at the Des Moines Civic Center. These performances served as their regular monthly date nights, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Riley was a natural at harmonizing with any type of music and had a lovely voice. He led worship at his congregation using his talents. His amazing and hilarious dance routines could animate any dance floor.

Riley has always loved going on family trips. All 50 states and numerous National Parks are open to him. In 2020, Riley and his wife hiked to the famous Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. Riley loves to travel and had many amazing travel experiences. 2012 saw Riley’s graduation from Forest City High School. In addition to football, he participated in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as band, choir, musicals, and more. He then spent the following four years as the center for Dordt College. His determination, courage, and passion for football had an impact on all of his teammates and coaches there. Riley earned a BSN in Science and Nursing from Dordt College in 2016. After getting his degree, he spent a year working as an RN at the emergency room in Sheldon, Iowa.

Wherever Riley went, people were happy to see him and be with him. His church family, patients, employees, teammates, friends, and everyone else who came into contact with his bright light were just a few of the numerous people whose lives he profoundly affected. Last but not least, Riley showed Khloe an unprecedented level of dedication. He made a great father. We are confident that Khloe will always feel his love and see his light because he loved her more than life itself.

He is survived by his wife Katlyn, daughter Khloe (10 months), parents Kevin and Jill Scharper, siblings Russell (Morgan) Scharper, Carly Scharper, and Haleigh (Ryan) Bragg, as well as maternal grandmother Shirley Prestholt, aunt Julie (Tracey) Gobali, and MJ Olson. He was also preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Kevin and Jill Scharper. His wife Katlyn, daughter Khloe, parents, and wife survive him as well. Khloe, his kid, and his wife Katlyn will all miss him. Jeff and Nancy Loeschen, as well as other family members, are Trevor (Jess) Loeschen’s in-laws. Laurence and Violet Loeschen, as well as other relatives, a niece, and a nephew, are Katlyn’s paternal grandparents.

Riley was predeceased by his paternal grandparents Bill and Lucille Scharper, as well as by Katlyn’s maternal grandparents Don and Leona Lanus, his maternal grandfather Jack Prestholt, and his uncle Dave Olson. Riley being with Jesus is currently the only solace we can offer. Riley, as far as we know, lived a life that fully exemplified Christ’s love. In light of our unfortunate situation, we pray that only Jesus will be recognized, and that he will be given praise for all the lives Riley touched while he was on earth.

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