Jesse Navarro Obituary, Wounded California deputy killer – Death

Jesse Navarro Obituary, Wounded California deputy killer - Death

Jesse Navarro Death, Obituary – According to the police, the person who is suspected of shooting and killing a sheriff’s deputy in Southern California remained hospitalized on Saturday in critical condition after being involved in a gunfight. The shooting and murder of the sheriff’s officer took place on Friday. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has identified Jesse Navarro, a resident of Lake Elsinore who is 42 years old and who is suspected to be the person responsible for the killing of Deputy Darnell Calhoun. Deputy Calhoun was found dead on the job.

Calhoun, who was 30 years old, was the second Riverside County sheriff’s deputy to be slain in the line of duty in the past two weeks. Both men were died while serving the community of Riverside County, California. Calhoun officers responded to a complaint of unspecified concerns on Friday afternoon in the unincorporated Lakeland Village neighborhood located near Lake Elsinore, according to a statement that was published by the agency. The region is close to Lake Elsinore. It was claimed that “as Deputy Calhoun approached the residence, the suspect began shooting at him,” and there was a gunshot that took place that included the deputy.

When a second deputy arrived, the suspect continued to shoot his firearm while also opening fire on him. In addition, the suspect fired his weapon at the second officer. In the end, the individual was shot, and law enforcement was able to put him behind bars. Calhoun was transported to the hospital by deputies, but he was pronounced dead as soon as he arrived at the facility. On December 29, Deputy Isaiah Cordero, 32 years old, was patrolling the city of Jurupa Valley in Riverside County, California, when he was shot and killed. He had stopped a pickup vehicle for a traffic violation and spoken to the driver. Cordero was shot by the driver just as he was getting closer to the scene. The driver was killed in a firefight that took place at the end of the pursuit after the police had captured him.

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