Jesse Espino Obituary, Learn More About Jesse Espino Death

Jesse Espino Obituary, Learn More About Jesse Espino Death

Jesse Espino Death, Obituary – The Fresno County Coroner’s Office was able to identify the person who lost their life as a result of the fatal collision that took place between a car and a pickup truck in Fresno the previous week. The name of the person who passed away as a result of the collision was able to be determined on Tuesday. A automobile and a pickup truck were both involved in the crash. Clovis resident Jesse Espino, 35 years old, was reportedly the person who died after a pickup truck smashed into a car he and another person were in at the intersection of First Street and McKinley Avenue, and then drove away from the scene of the accident after the collision.

After the collision, the pickup truck driver fled the scene of the accident. Jesse Espino was traveling in the car with another individual at the time. The officer who was driving the vehicle in which the victim was a passenger reportedly sustained injuries as a result of the collision; however, the injuries did not appear to be serious enough to pose a threat to the driver’s life. A man named Shane Lee Shahan, who is 33 years old, was reportedly taken into custody close to the intersection of Fresno Street and McKinley Avenue in Fresno, California, according to the Fresno Police Department (Fresno PD).

Shahan was the person behind the wheel of the suspicious vehicle. It was reported to the authorities that after he had crossed Highway 41, he became entangled in a fence and was unable to extricate himself from its grasp.

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