Jeremy Salmond Obituary, Jeremy Salmond has died – Death

Jeremy Salmond Obituary, Jeremy Salmond has died - Death

Jeremy Salmond Obituary, Death – Jeremy Salmond passed away on January 3, 2023, and the staff members of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga would want to take this opportunity to offer their heartfelt condolences and show their appreciation for him. He was a cherished member of the group that we belonged to. Throughout the course of his distinguished career as a conservation architect in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Jeremy was involved in a number of the most significant heritage projects that the country has to offer. These projects include the Pompallier Mission and Printery, the Civic Theatre, and the Britomart Precinct. Also included are the Auckland Museum and the Britomart Precinct. In the year 2010, he and his wife, Dame Anne Salmond, established Waikereru Ecosanctuary as a charitable organization.

One of the most well-known publications about New Zealand architecture is the author’s, and it is titled “Old New Zealand Houses 1800–1940.”
“It is inconceivable to envisage the heritage community in New Zealand without Jeremy Salmond,” says Conservation Architect Robin Byron. “Jeremy Salmond is the heart and soul of the heritage community in New Zealand.”

Over the course of many years, Jeremy has been an indispensable member of the community.” In addition to having a broad historical knowledge and experience, compassion, warmth, and most importantly integrity, he has a knack for design. The mix of exceptional professional performance with genuine, heartfelt compassion was what really captured people’s attention and won them over.

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