Jaye Sinkfield Obituary Saint Paul MN, Learn more about Jaye Sinkfield Death

Jaye Sinkfield Obituary Saint Paul MN, Learn more about Jaye Sinkfield Death

Jaye Sinkfield Obituary, Death –  If you are able, please read and contribute if you can. Over the course of the weekend, a graduate school classmate, a nurse, and a friend named Tammy Sinkfield suffered the loss of her child. Despite the fact that I have never met Jaye, I am confident that Tammy would be the first person to provide her love and assistance to anyone who was in need of it. Tammy Sinkfield is the person I refer to as my “work mom,” and the unexpected passing of her kid is a tragedy of the highest order. If you are unable to contribute in any form, please know that there is NO DISTANCE between praying and helping in any way that you can. He is capable of doing what we are not. My name is Olivia, and I am organizing this memorial and funeral fund-raiser in memory of Jaye Sinkfield, who passed away unexpectedly this past weekend. I am doing this on behalf of my mother, Tammy, and my brother, Jordan, as well as the rest of the Sinkfield family, in order to contribute toward the expenses associated with Jaye’s funeral and memorial service. The funds will be sent directly to the family, and it is hoped that not only will they pay the expenses associated with the funeral, but they will also make it possible for Tammy and other family members to take the much-needed time off from work to grieve without the burden of financial hardship.

There were a lot of individuals that knew Jaye, and if you knew Jaye, you knew how big their heart was. You were familiar with their contagious smile, laugh, and delight. You have an appreciation for the magnitude of this tragedy if you were fortunate enough to count yourself among Jaye’s family or friends and had the opportunity to know her. Jaye, also known by their stage name DIVAJ, have a tremendous amount of musical talent. They went on to create many albums and singles in which they demonstrated not only their ability to rap but also their ability to craft lyrics that are extremely profound and meaningful. Jaye has placed a high priority on amplifying the experiences and perspectives of black femme queer artists and people. They were an outstanding advocate for, and supporter of, the communities in which they lived. They were presented with a McKnight Musician Fellowship Grant in 2022, and they made it clear that they intended to use this accolade as motivation to keep making a difference in the world through their music.

Jaye earned a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic, Cultural minority, Gender, and Group Studies from Metropolitan State University in 2022. She received this degree in the same year. Alongside their profession in music, they began working for Apple in a variety of capacities beginning in 2017, in addition to their musical endeavors. Jaye was a friend to many people, including siblings, children, and grandchildren, and she was fiercely loyal to all of them. The shocking news of their passing has left a great number of people inconsolable. Their love and happiness outshone that of anyone else in this planet by a significant margin. Please give some thought to making a donation to enable Tammy, Jordan, and the rest of the family to grieve the loss of Jaye without being distracted by concerns about their financial situation. Please spread this information as far as wide as possible; even if you are unable to make a donation personally, someone else may be able to.

If you also contributed a recollection or story of Jaye, it would mean a lot to me, Tammy, Jordan, and the rest of Jaye’s family. I know it would mean a lot to you as well. You will forever be remembered with love and respect in our hearts, Jaye. Click HERE to donate and share

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