Javarius Hendrix Obituary, 14-year-old teen shot and killed in the Wyandotte/Oakdale – Death

Javarius Hendrix Obituary, Teenager was shot and killed in the WyandotteOakdale - Death

Javarius Hendrix Death, Obituary –  On Sunday afternoon, police in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, discovered the body of a young individual who had been shot to death in the Wyandotte/Oakdale neighborhood. An inquiry into the circumstances behind the death of the young person who is taking place at this time is being carried out by the local police department in that area. The event took place on a Sunday, around in the afternoon, when it was taking place. After getting a report that a gunshot had been fired in the 900 block of Brentwood Avenue about three o’clock in the afternoon, police officers were sent to the area to investigate the issue.

The report had been made after the cops received a complaint about the incident. It was approximately at this time that the shooting was reported to have taken place. When the police arrived, they found a victim who was a child aged 14 who had been shot. The victim had been the victim of a shooting. The victim had been shot, making them the victim of the crime. The victim was hurt in some way as a result of the incident. According to Dwight Mitchell, the spokesman for the Little Rock Metropolitan Police Department, the victim passed away at the spot where the event took place.

The young child who had passed away was identified as Javarius Hendrix by the coroner who was in charge of investigating deaths in Jefferson County. The young infant was discovered unresponsive after being found. The Homicide Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department (LMPD), which is in charge of conducting the investigation, is currently in charge of leading the investigation into the homicide that is currently being investigated. Mitchell asserts that at this point, not only the identities of all of the parties but also their current whereabouts have been uncovered. In addition to that, he emphasizes that all of this material is comprehensive.

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