Jason Pearson Obituary, Comic Artist, has died – Death

Jason Pearson Obituary, Comic Artist, has died - Death

Jason Pearson Obituary, Death – Jason Pearson was an American comic book writer and artist. He was most known for his work on comics such as Legion of Super-Heroes, The Dragon: Blood & Guts, and Global Frequency, in addition to his own creator-owned series called Body Bags.

Pearson is also one of the founding members of Gaijin Studios, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been involved in a number of projects that are associated to Gaijin Studios over the years. Pearson made his debut in comics with a back-up tale in Legion of Super-Heroes #22 in 1991. Pearson has described series writer Keith Giffen as one of his mentors. Pearson’s first story was published in the comic book industry. [1]

In 1992, Gaijin Studios was in discussion with Image Comics about publishing an anthology series called Ground Zero that would consist of 11 issues and feature the creative works of the members of the studio at the time. The pilot episode of Pearson’s Body Bags was scheduled to air on the series, but Image finally decided not to produce the series. Pearson proceeded to develop the concept of Body Bags, and in the end, it was published as a four-issue miniseries by Gaijin Studios for Dark Horse Comics as the premiere title for their Blanc Noir line of comics.

Pearson was responsible for the development of the concept. In 1998, Pearson got to start on the continuation of the Body Bags series. When Pearson became ill with an ailment that prevented him from working for a number of months, he was in the middle of drawing a mini-series that was supposed to consist of a total of six issues. When he got back to the office, he discovered that the work he had done up to that point had left him feeling dissatisfied, so he decided to shift his attention to other tasks for the time being.

He contributed a few short stories to America’s Best Comics and Wildstorm between the two publications. After the conclusion of Body Bags, his next full issue was Global Frequency #11, which was then held up for publication for a number of additional months. In 2004, Wildstorm announced and solicited a four-issue mini-series called Redbird that would be written and illustrated by Pearson. However, the book was delayed and finally scrapped before it could be printed. Before the show was canceled, creator Drew Pearson stated in an interview for Newsarama that Redbird was supposed to be the first part in a trilogy of miniseries centered on the character. [1]

12 Gauge Comics released a collected edition of the first four issues of their Body Bags miniseries in 2005. This edition was a reprint. After some time, they came up with Body Bags: 3 The Hard Way, which was the first new Body Bags material in many years. In addition to having Body Bags published by 12 Gauge, he also works there in the capacity of Director of Development on the staff.

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