Jamie Adams Obituary, 52-year-old Jamie Adams Of Las Vegas, Nevada Has Died

Jamie Adams Obituary, 52-year-old Jamie Adams Of Las Vegas, Nevada Has Died

Jamie Adams Obituary, Death – On January 12, 2023, Jamie Dennis Adams, 52, passed very suddenly as he was sleeping in Las Vegas. Friends, family, and coworkers at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas have expressed their sympathy. Jamie Jensen was born on March 31, 1970, in San Rafael, California, to Kerry and Jack Jensen. Jamie was adopted by Kerry and Frank Adams in 1976. Jamie received Frankie, a baby sister, from Frank and Kerry Adams for his ninth birthday. The Adams family was complete when Cody was born eleven months later. Jamie put rock and roll before his family! After graduating from Idaho Falls High School in 1988, Jamie enrolled at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood. His father Jack had an influence on his music. Jamie joined Sweet Cheater, his first touring band, in 1989 after receiving his degree from the Guitar Institute, and they played in venues around the Western US.

Then the lead guitarist for Jeremy Scared. Jamie and Brenda were overjoyed in 1992 when Zachary was born. Jamie unwillingly quit his “band life” to run the Colorado and California Guitar Center locations. His mother and he traveled to Idaho Falls on their second journey to build a bar. The Blues naturally became a popular band in the area. Jamie’s band regularly performed there.  In California, Jamie found Danielle Fiore, the love of his life. In 2007, he and Danielle relocated to Vegas. Jamie wed Danielle in 2008, and Sofia was born to them in 2011. Two years later, Jamie’s son Zachary handed him his granddaughter Kierra. Jamie began as an entry-level worker in 2007 and spent 16 years working at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. At Hard Rock, Jamie worked in a variety of fields and was commended for his optimism, tenacity, friendliness, and creativity.

Jamie, who oversees HR, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV). When the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas underwent renovations and became Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Jamie played a significant role on the transition team. She developed the well-known “Stick Around and Come Back” initiative (Jamie was always so excellent at naming things! ), updated and created procedures, and managed the hastily organized rehiring of thousands of workers. In 2022, Jamie was appointed vice president of human resources for the building.


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  1. The information in this “obituary” is partially incorrect and was plagiarized from the original obituary. You should be ashamed and this needs to be taken down and corrected as it was written.

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