James Buckley Obituary, James Buckley has died – Death

James Buckley Obituary, James Buckley has died - Death

James Buckley Obituary, Death – James Buckley . December 24, 1941 – Jan 14, 2023. James “Jim” Denis Buckley, who was 81 years old and lived in Cameron Park, California, passed away recently, and we wish to convey to you our deepest condolences. Jim was a devoted friend and a beloved uncle to his family. Jim passed away in a quiet and peaceful manner on December 31, 2022, surrounded by his family and friends. He had been ill for some time.

On December 24th, 1941, in the city of San Francisco, Jim Buckley’s mother, Margaret Reid, and his father, William Francis Buckley, conceived of him. Margaret Reid gave birth to Jim Buckley. His brother William J. Buckley had already passed away before he did, but he is survived by his loyal nieces Margaret Buckley Brown and Laura Buckley Reutter, in addition to five adoring great-nieces and nephews. His sister-in-law also cares for him deeply. William J. Buckley, his brother, had already passed away before he did. Jim spent his high school years at Abraham Lincoln High School and spent his formative years in the Richmond and Sunset districts of San Francisco.

In 1959, he received his diploma from high school. Jim’s professional life began in the 1960s when he was employed as an engineer on the Bay Bridge. After that, he moved on to Cal State Hayward, where he worked for more than 30 years, eventually retiring in 2001 as the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at CSU East Bay. He had earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from the College of Business and Economics during his time there.

Jim had a deep interest in traveling the world and learning about people who came from a range of different cultures. He had traveled to a significant number of nations all over the world, and he delighted in regaling others with stories about his exploits, particularly those in which he investigated the areas of Scotland and Ireland in which his ancestors had lived. He had been a soldier in the United States Army.

The best piece of guidance that he could give to tourists was this: No matter where in the world you go, you’ll always be able to find an Irish pub and a jazz club.” Jim shared his enthusiasm for the excellent wines produced in the region with his family and friends who were in town to visit. He turned many of them on to the delicious Zinfandels and Barberas of El Dorado County, which are both wines that are produced in that area.

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