Jamea Jonae Harris Obituary, Mother Killed in Tuscaloosa – Death

Jamea Jonae Harris Obituary, Mother Killed in Tuscaloosa - Death

Jamea Jonae Harris Obituary, Death – The young woman who was killed while driving along the Strip in Tuscaloosa was well-liked by everyone, according to the claims made by the anguished mother of the victim who was driving along the Strip. Late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning, Jamea Jonae Harris, age 23, went suddenly. “She was a lovely young woman who loved her family, and most of all her 5-year-old son Kaine,” DeCarla Cotton said in an interview with AL.com. “She loved him more than anything in the world.” Cotton explained, “He was her entire universe.” The following phrase continues with the statement: “All she wanted to do was spend some quality time with her cousin, who attends the University of Alabama, and her boyfriend.”

Cotton stated that he had “took the life of my baby because she would not talk to me,” which he posted on Facebook. “She was a humble spirit, and she was always a cheery person,” said Kennedi Henderson, who was her first cousin once removed. Kennedi Henderson was her first cousin once removed. It was almost as if we entered adulthood at the same time. Henderson asserts that “she kept the cousins together and encouraged us to be the best versions of ourselves” as a result of her leadership. Sincerely, she was the best little cousin anyone could have asked for at any time in their lives.

She said that her family and she were all just in shock that something like this had occurred to her. She also mentioned that she was shocked. She remarked, “My family and I are just in complete and utter astonishment.” At this time, we are merely requesting prayers from you. Thank you. Kennedy added that they were able to determine the identities of two people after conducting interviews with a large number of witnesses and analyzing video security material. Both of them were located, and interviews were conducted with them.

Kennedy reported that it was revealed that one of the suspects had in fact been injured by gunshot, but that the wound was not believed to be life-threatening. The gunshot wound that the suspect had received was discovered to have been detected. “It appears at this time that the shooting was the result of a minor disagreement that occurred between the victims and suspects when they encountered each other along the strip,” Kennedy said. “At this time, it appears that the shooting was the result of a minor altercation that occurred.” It would appear that the argument took place after the victims and suspects ran into each other down the strip.

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