Jamea Harris Obituary, 23-year-old Woman of Birmingham Shot dead in UA Shooting – Death

Jamea Harris Obituary, 23-year-old Woman of Birmingham Shot dead in UA Shooting

Jamea Harris Obituary, Death –  The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) has taken two suspects into custody in connection with the fatal shooting of a female victim that took occurred early on Saturday morning close to The Strip. The shooting took place close to the area known as “The Strip.” Jamea Jonae Harris, 23, of Birmingham, was reportedly a passenger in a car when she was shot around 1:45 a.m. in the neighborhood that is bounded by Grace Street and University Boulevard, according to the investigators who were looking into the incident. The area in question is described as being between Grace Street and University Boulevard. The investigation into the incident was being carried out by the investigators who were looking into it. The vehicle continued to travel further up University Boulevard until it came upon a vehicle that belonged to a University of Alabama police officer and was parked close to the Walk of Champions at Bryant Denny Stadium. At that point, the driver of the vehicle stopped the vehicle and got out to investigate. After reaching that point, they made the decision to pull over and then make a call for assistance.

At the location of the event, there were officers present who had been dispatched from both the VCU Police Department as well as the Tuscaloosa Police Department. The driver asserts that shots were fired at his vehicle from another location, which ultimately led to Harris sustaining wounded. He stated that he had fired back in self-defense and that he felt he had hit one of the suspects. He also stated that he had believed he had hit one of the suspects. He added that he had retaliated in self-defense by firing his weapon.

After conducting an investigation that included the analysis of both murder scenes as well as the interviewing of a number of witnesses, the authorities were able to identify two suspects and hunt them down. After this, they were able to place the suspects. Darius Hairston Miles, who is 21 years old and hails from the area of Washington, District of Columbia, was successfully apprehended by them. He attended the University of Alabama, where he not only studied basketball but also participated in the sport at the collegiate level by being a member of the Crimson Tide’s varsity team.

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