Jakob Gibbon Obituary, Jakob Gibbon Has Passed Away – Death

Jakob Gibbon Obituary, Jakob Gibbon Has Passed Away - Death

Jakob Gibbon Obituary, Death – “Jakob is one of the most considerate people I know. According to Gibbon’s sister-in-law Diana Cattermole, CFJC News, Gibbon is wonderfully kind and adores his mother and cat. On December 28, Cattermole asserts that Gibbon took his family to a Kamloops Blazers game. The following morning, Jakob and his car were gone when they got home and he said goodnight to his mother.

The following morning, she (his mother) awoke. It’s strange that the cat woke her awake because it typically sleeps with Jakob. Cattermole said anything.” After that, she texted him, “Hey, where ya?” but received no reply, which is unusual for him. He communicates frequently with his mum. Evelyn expressed the wish that if anyone saw Jakob’s car, it might help shed light on his possible location. She remarked, “People are kindly asked to keep a watch out for Jakob and his car.

Gibbon is thought to have left between 11:15 on December 28 in the evening and 8:15 the next morning. Cattermole claims that Gibbon’s disappearance at that time was very unusual and that they don’t know where he is. Cattermole went on to say, “Because we don’t know, it appears mysterious to us. We don’t know where he would have gone at that time of the night because he wasn’t a party animal and just wouldn’t have done it.

Gibbon’s family is begging for anyone who was in the vicinity of Schubert Drive between Birch and Beach Avenues on the night of his disappearance to check doorbell and dash cam recordings for any traces of Gibbon or his vehicle. Everyone, according to Cattermole, is seeking for him. His father stated, “His dad came down from Edmonton, and we’re all terribly worried about him.” We all miss him a lot, I believe.

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