Iris Brunner Obituary, Cross Plains WI, Iris Brunner Has Died – Death

Iris Brunner Obituary, Cross Plains WI, Iris Brunner Has Died - Death

Iris Brunner Obituary, Death – Iris C. Brunner, age 92, of Cross Plains, passed away on Sunday, January 8, 2023, following a very brief illness. She was surrounded by her devoted family at the time of her passing. Her birthday is November 9th, and she was born in Blue River, Wisconsin. She was Harley and Alma (McKinney) Couey’s daughter. Her mother’s maiden name was McKinney. After receiving her diploma from Blue River High School in 1948, she immediately moved to the bustling metropolis of Madison. Her wedding to the man she loved, Gerald Brunner, who was from Cross Plains, took place on March 27, 1951. Together, they made the decision to settle in Cross Plains, where they established Brunners Store, whose guiding principle was the phrase “Pleasing you, Pleases us.”

Even after she and her husband sold the store in 1976, she never stopped living by the advice in those comments. In addition to assisting in the operation of the business, Mom was also busy taking care of her eight children. When the children were older, Mom worked a variety of jobs, one of which was at Lands’ End for the entire 17 years that the company maintained a call center in Cross Plains; she did not retire until the company shut down in 2005.

Her father passed away on February 3, 1999, having predeceased her after nearly 48 years of loving marriage. Despite the fact that her heart was shattered, she carried on living a life that was full of family, friends, and adventures. After almost 24 years, we are certain that Dad had an open arm waiting for her when she finally returned home. Mom was a wonderful friend, mother, and spouse, and her home was always open to anyone who needed a place to stay.

She was a devoted cheerleader who also enjoyed attending the sporting events and activities of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as going to Cross Plains Home Talent Baseball games and, in her latter years, watching the Packers, Badgers, and Brewers. She not only raised and cared for her children and their families, but she also contributed to the betterment of the town in which she lived.

She was a very involved member of the Christian Mothers and the Council of Catholic Women at St. Francis Xavier Church, where she attended regularly. She spent the better part of half a century singing with the St. Francis Choir. In addition to that, she volunteered for a variety of community organizations, such as The Golden Agers and The Silvertones, as well as for RSVP and the Cancer Caps charity.

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