Helen Phelp Obituary, Helen Phelp Has Died At Age 95 – Death

Helen Phelp Obituary

┬áHelen Phelp Death, Obituary – After a protracted and hard-fought battle with cancer, Mrs. Helen M. Phelps lost her fight for life in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, January 14, 2018. We are grateful for the blessing she was to our church, to our town, and to everyone who had the opportunity to engage with her throughout the course of her long and fruitful life. She lived a long and healthy life, reaching the age of 95, and we are thankful for the length of her life. Because of her labor, God was able to make tremendous headway in the advancement of His cause.

Mrs. Helen first became acquainted with Mr. Harrell Phelps at the time that he was serving in the military. This is also when they first met each other. Mr. Phelps would ultimately wind up being Mrs. Helen’s husband in the end. Prior to the year 2015, I had to get her permission on an annual basis to share their story at the Veteran’s Day event that was organized by our church; however, she gave me permission to do so in 2015. I’ll check this thread again later to see if there’s a way for me to attach the video that I filmed of the ceremony at that event.

Mrs. Helen was reared in a Jewish household after being born into a Jewish family. The fact that God intended her to locate the Messiah and accept Him into her life is the reason why he made it possible for her to come to our church and visit the small town of Roper, which is situated in the geographic center of the United States. It is vital that we never undervalue the power that God possesses to bring others to a faith that saves in Jesus Christ through humble means such as working through ordinary people and ordinary churches. This is because God uses these ordinary means to bring about this faith.

Mrs. Helen and the rest of her family, along with the rest of Mrs. Helen’s family, have always had a great degree of pride for Mr. Harrell’s service in the military for as long as anyone can remember. She did not serve in the military, but she was there with him in Casablanca, Morocco, where they both worked in the same office. Despite this, she was not a service member. Even though she was not a member of the armed services, she was there to support him in this endeavor. During my most recent visit to the cemetery, I noticed that someone had arranged an arrangement of flowers with a patriotic motif on top of their grave marker.
I will write an obituary for her and see to it that it is published as soon as the relevant information becomes available to the general audience.

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