Hampton VA shooting – Man dead after shooting on Hemlock Ave in Hampton

Hampton VA shooting - Man dead after shooting on Hemlock Ave in Hampton

Hampton VA shooting РOn Thursday morning, personnel of the Hampton Police Department were looking into a gunshot that had resulted in the death of one person as they conducted their investigation into the incident. The comments made by the police indicate that the event took place on Thursday morning in the 700 block of Hemlock Avenue just before 4:30 a.m. According to the statements that were supplied by the police, the incident took place. This section of Hemlock Avenue can be found within the area that is bounded to the west by West Pembroke Avenue and to the south by Childs Avenue. When officials from the local police department arrived at the scene, they found a man who had suffered serious injuries and was badly bleeding. The victim had been hacked to pieces all the way down to their feet. The authorities are of the belief that a disagreement that took place between members of the family may have been the cause of the occurrence that took place.

At the scene of the accident, it was discovered that the guy had passed away, and the authorities reported that he was 65 years old. In addition, it was discovered that he had passed away as a result of the incident. There has been no additional information revealed, including any information regarding potential suspects, and this has been the case during the entire inquiry. Throughout the entire investigation, there has been no new information revealed.

The investigative team at 10 On Your Side is currently conducting an investigation into an incident that they are currently looking into, and as part of this investigation, they are attempting to gather additional information regarding the sequence of events that led up to the incident that they are currently looking into.

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