Gloria Carr Obituary, A resident of Garnet Valley has passed away – Death

Gloria Carr Obituary, A resident of Garnet Valley has passed away - Death

Gloria Carr Death, Obituary – On January 12, 2023, Gloria Anne (Iacono) Carr passed away. She had been a resident of Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania for a substantial amount of time prior to her death and was 73 years old at the time of her passing. In 1967, Gloria graduated from Notre Dame Catholic Girls High School, which is located in Chester, Pennsylvania. She received her graduation there. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is home to this particular establishment. Gloria was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, which is also the city in which she currently resides.

After finishing the requirements for her high school diploma, she continued her education and is now a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree from a college or university that is accredited in the field. Following that, she spent the next thirty years working in the nursing profession within the medical industry. Gloria spent the majority of her time working as a nurse at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center as well as the Assisi House. Both of these locations are in Chester. She was a very involved member of the congregation at the Church of the Holy Child in Wilmington, Delaware, and she went to the many religious services that were held there on a consistent basis.

When Gloria had any spare time, she enjoyed nothing more than paying a visit to her children and grandkids and engaging in activities with the younger generation. She was the sister of Lawrence Iacono, Jr., who also passed away, in addition to being the daughter of Lawrence and Anna (Fusco) Iacono, both of whom passed away. She was also a member of the Iacono family. In addition to her, her brother Lawrence Iacono passed dead. Her devoted husband Michael Francis Carr, Sr., her children Coleen Mills (Vinny) and Michael Carr Jr. (Adrienne), as well as her grandchildren Amelia, Emma, and Cecilia Carr are among the members of her family who have made it through this difficult time.

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