George Wheeler Obituary, TCC member died after battling with cancer

George Wheeler Obituary, Death –  The Templestowe Cricket Club is devastated by the news of George Wheeler’s passing following his lengthy struggle with cancer. The club was heartbroken to learn of George Wheeler’s passing because he had been fighting cancer for such a long time. George Wheeler’s fight against cancer lasted for a very long time and was incredibly difficult to witness. Everyone at TCC will miss Woody’s father greatly upon his passing because he was such a good friend and benefactor to the company throughout his life.

This suggests that the loss of Woody’s father will be profound. Each team will be expected to wear a black arm band on the competing arm as a sign of respect for Woody and his family at this weekend’s competition. This act of kindness will take place during the course of the game. This gesture of goodwill and deference will take place during the course of the contest.

It would be great to see you at the Veterans game that will be held at the club the following Sunday if you are able to make it. The next Sunday is set for kickoff of the big game. Woody said he’d be at the club on Sunday, so if you’re free and able, it would be great if you could stop by.

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