Gary Mallo Obituary, St. Charles Veterinary Clinic Mourns Dr Gary Mallo’s Death

Gary Mallo Obituary, St. Charles Veterinary Clinic Mourns Dr Gary Mallo's Death

Gary Mallo Obituary, Death – On Friday, January 13, we were given the tragic news that Dr. Gary Mallo had passed away. His passing was a shock to all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time. Dr. Mallo was the driving force behind St. Charles Veterinary Clinic, and he was the father of the family that we have developed over the course of the past 47 years; this is a family that has ties that are still very strong to this day. This family has ties that are still very strong to this day because Dr. Mallo was the father of the family. In 1976, Dr. Mallo and Dr. Sweeny laid the groundwork for what would become the St. Charles Veterinary Clinic.

They accomplished this in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for their patients, in which they can receive love and care from the staff. The extraordinary medical knowledge and unwavering dedication of the employees at the St. Charles Veterinary Clinic earned the clinic the title of Hospital of the Year for three consecutive years (1977, 1978, and 1979) from the publication Veterinary Economics Magazine. After 35 years of practice, Dr. Mallo handed the reins over to Dr. Miles in 1995, having faith that Dr. Miles would continue to care for his growing family of employees, patients, and clients. Even up to this very day, Dr. Mallo’s legacy continues to be carried on, as seen by the plaque that can be discovered in the Mallo Family Room of the clinic.

It is his example of compassion, honesty, and respect for all of God’s creatures that we apply as a model for our clinic today and in the future, and the inscription reads as follows: Due to Dr. Mallo’s wacky sense of humor and his insatiable desire to pull pranks on others, it was a joy to work with him. Simply put, he was an exceptional example of the human race. He was a smart and skilled doctor, but at the same time, he was fairly humble, and he always wanted to share his extensive knowledge with future veterinarians. He was a pioneer in the field of veterinary medicine. We are better people for having known him and his family, as are all other individuals who had the opportunity to engage with him over his 87 years in this world. He made a positive impact on all of those who were fortunate enough to cross paths with him.



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