Gareth John Obituary, Former Chairman At Loughor R.F.C Has Died – Death

Gareth John Obituary, Former Chairman At Loughor R.F.C Has Died - Death

Gareth John Obituary, Death – When the club found out that Gareth John had passed away at the age of 85, there was a tremendous sense of sorrow and sadness within the club. Gareth John had been a member of the club for many years. In 1965, Gareth moved with the Mines Rescue from Nantyffyllon, where he had been working previously, to Loughor. Loughor was located in Northern Ireland. Garett, along with other others who were a part of the mine rescue team, was involved in the accident that occurred at Aberfan. Over the course of more than a decade, Gareth served as captain of the Loughor 1stXV, during which time he was also a player of the team.

After Gareth finished his playing career at Loughor, he transitioned into a role as a coach for the organization’s junior as well as senior teams. He became a member of the committee, and over time, he rose through the ranks to become both the chairman and the vice chairman of the organization. In the 1990s, Gareth was an active member of the club’s management team, which played a crucial role in the successful transition the organization underwent. As a direct result of his leadership, the club was elevated from division 7 to division 1 west, a secure financial foundation was built, and modern practice facilities at Cae Duke were made available to the organization.

A Life Membership was granted to him as a token of the club’s gratitude for the significant positive impact he has had on the organization. During this trying time, we want Ieuan and the rest of his family to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. You are more than welcome to return to Loughor Rugby Club following the funeral ceremony for Gareth John, which will be held at Morriston Crematorium on Friday, January 27, at three o’clock in the afternoon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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