Gail Rapp Obituary, Coroner’s Officer Identifies Bicyclist Killed In Crash In Market Common Area

Gail Rapp Obituary, Death – An accident that took place in the neighborhood of Market Common, as determined by the results of the investigation that was carried out by the office of the coroner, was to blame for the passing of a cyclist. This information was gleaned from the investigation that was carried out. Tamara Willard, who is employed by the Horry County government as the Chief Deputy Coroner, made the conclusive determination that the victim of the incident was Gail Rapp. It was discovered that Rapp had at one time held a position within the Rapp family at some point in the past.

Willard asserts that on January 2nd, she was riding her bicycle on Coventry Boulevard when she was hit by a vehicle. The incident allegedly took place. Along Coventry Boulevard, the automobile was headed in the westbound direction. The occurrence took happened on a Monday as the day of the week. According to Sgt. Tom Vest of the Myrtle Beach Police Department, Rapp was riding on the sidewalk along Conventry Boulevard and was crossing over Thornbury Drive when he was struck by the car as it was making a left turn. The accident occurred when Rapp was crossing the street. Rapp was involved in an accident when it happened as he was crossing the street. Rapp was walking across the street when he was involved in an accident that occurred during that time.

She suffered significant injuries and was brought to the hospital, but after receiving treatment for those injuries, she tragically passed on the day after she arrived at the hospital. She had been brought there, but unfortunately she did not end up surviving after all. Vest claims that the person who was operating the vehicle was distracted by something other than the path they were supposed to be traveling when the accident occurred. The driver was issued a citation for causing the collision by failing to yield the right of way when making a left turn, which is cited in the report as the root cause of the event. The motorist was given the penalty since he was the one who was responsible for causing the accident. It was determined that the accident that was reported was caused by the driver’s refusal to comply with the requirements.


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