Fred Mills Obituary, Learn More About Fred Mills – Death

Fred Mills Obituary, Learn More About Fred Mills - Death

Fred Mills Obituary, Death – Fred “Bucky” Mills, who had lived in the city of Alexandria for the rest of his life, passed away from cancer on October 15, 2022, at the age of 83. Mills had been a resident of Alexandria for the entirety of his life. He continued his studies by attending Washington and Lee University and Carnegie Institute of Technology after graduating from St. Stephen’s School, where he had previously completed his secondary schooling.

After completing his mandatory two years of service in the Army, he went on to pursue a career in the commercial building industry by taking a position with Calvert-Jones Company and working there for a number of years. He was quite engaged at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Alexandria, where he was very involved in a variety of different roles, including singing in the choir and serving on various committees.

The church was very significant to him. In addition to that, he contributed a portion of his spare time to the Alexandria City Public Schools as a volunteer. In addition to being a devotee of bluegrass music and playing his old Martin guitar, he was also a passionate enthusiast for the Chevrolet Corvette. He played bluegrass music on his old Martin guitar.

Richard, his son, lives in San Francisco, California; Katherine Polys, his daughter, lives in Blacksburg, Virginia; and he has two granddaughters named Elise and Ida. His son Richard lives in San Francisco, California; his daughter Katherine Polys lives in Blacksburg, Virginia. His two children have both settled down with spouses and started families of their own.

Richard, his son, and Katherine Polys, his daughter, both make their home at Blacksburg, which is located in the state of Virginia. He is survived by his second wife, Nancy Kuhn; his son, Richard, who resides in Blacksburg, Virginia; and his daughter, Katherine Polys, who is in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is also survived by his daughter, Katherine Polys, who resides in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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