Frances Denise Obituary, Frances Denise Has Died At Age 45 – Death

Frances Denise Obituary, Frances Denise Has Died At Age 45 - Death

Frances Denise Death, Obituary – On January 1, at about 8:20 a.m., officers from the Garland Police Department responded to the 1600 Block of West Walnut Street after receiving a report of a person who was unconscious in that area. The complaint said that the individual had been struck by a vehicle. The body of a white woman who appeared to be in her late 40s was discovered by the police when they arrived. The location of the body was close to Brookside Drive and under the W. Walnut bridge. It was too late; she had died.

Investigators have arrived at the scene, which has been secured, and they are currently completing their investigation into the death that occurred there. At approximately 1:45 in the morning, many witnesses reported to the authorities that they saw a woman on West Walnut Street looking over the bridge. These witnesses stated that they saw the woman while she was standing on West Walnut Street. She was orienting herself toward the bridge. Although the authorities have not yet reached a conclusion regarding the manner in which the person passed away, their investigation into the subject will continue.

The Garland Police Department has made a request to the general public to provide any information that they may have access to that may be of assistance in the investigation that is currently underway.

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