Fort Pierce Mass shooting – People Shot In MLK Jr. Day event In Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Mass shooting
fort pierce Mass shooting  – At least eight people were injured as a consequence of bullets that were fired during a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day that took place on Monday in Fort Pierce, as reported by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. The event took place on the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On the day that was set aside to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the event took place.
The commemoration was held on the day designated to honor Martin Luther King Jr. At this time, one of the patients who is receiving treatment at this clinic is considered to be in extremely serious condition. On the day of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Car Show and Family Fun Day, there was a gunshot heard in Ilous Ellis Park at approximately 5:20 in the afternoon. The gathering that the deputies were tasked with monitoring had more than one thousand individuals present, according to the cops who were there reporting the attendance.

A number of rounds were fired, and not long after that, a ruckus broke out in the area. As a result of the mayhem that ensued after the rounds were fired, the authorities claim that a total of five people were hurt as a direct consequence of the incident. A number of people were hurt as a consequence of the incident, including a youngster, who sustained injuries as a result of the incident. WPBF 25 News has obtained video from the nearby area that shows a huge crowd attending the party and seemed to be having a good time just prior to the sound of gunshots being fired.

The video was taken from the adjoining neighborhood. The party was going on when the video was filmed, so it perfectly captures the atmosphere. The recording was made at the precise instant just before the sound of gunfire could be heard in the clip. After that, you might notice people looking bewildered before they start ducking, running, and taking cover behind cars. After that, they might start. It’s possible that this will take place just before the assault starts. After that point, it’s possible that they’ll start making their way out of the area. Following the first event that has already transpired, this subsequent incident will take place.

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