Erin Marie Obituary, 1 Dead In Van Flandern Boston MA Car Accident – Death

Erin Marie Obituary, 1 Dead In Van Flandern Boston MA Car Accident - Death

Erin Marie Obituary, Death – Erin Marie VanFlandern 1997–2015 roses Blue violets. Eight years ago Waited a year to chat to you. World mourns. Hatred, politics, bigotry. Sometimes we seem lost. Where is love? Nurse practitioner older sister New work anxiety, Sunday scaries She’s engaged, attractive, and happy. We know you’ll marry her in September. Finance-graduated younger sister Young executive She appears empty after your loss. Joy, maybe love, is our prayer. Little brother pushes college.

Working part-time, his grades are good. We never see his emotions. Please assist him. Your mother’s life is quieter. She resumes early workouts. She sees your friends loving and having fun. She weeps for you. Friends start new careers. Many fantastic places to live and visit. expanding nationwide Where are you? Many couples and marriages today Lives so fresh as if kissed from above I mourn your absence. Who did you love? Fall’s sister’s wedding Our family under scrutiny.

Our grief can be strong. Sometimes collapsing like a China vase I’ll do everything for big sister’s day. No thought, expense, effort spared You and tiny sister might have been her maids of honor, but your absence will hurt. She suffers from loss of love, fear, and dismay. We know you would have helped her, but your death keeps you far away. We travel every January weekend. Hope and brightness together Father’s desperate distraction My kids not to return to the cold dark night.

As your father, your death is still painful. Doctor, why wasn’t I there? Even if God did not save you, I could have whispered I love you and touched your hair. Heroes, my children Your spirit lives in them, sparkles in their eyes, and they cling to now-distant memories of you as they try to live their lives. I always dream of being with you again. Smile, hug, hold my hand My loneliness for you is indescribable.

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