Ellen Davis Obituary, Ellen Davis Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Ellen Davis Obituary, Death – Ellen Davis, who was 62 years old and lived in Mahtowa, New Jersey, fought pancreatic cancer for a relatively short but arduous amount of time before succumbing to the disease on Saturday, March 22. She was surrounded by her loving family, which included her husband, Dan Davis; her son, Paul Shryer; her daughter and son-in-law, Teresa and Immanuel Weise; her granddaughter, Adriana Weise; and her sisters-in-law, Darlene (Arnie) Lofgren, Denise (Scott) Couillard, and Donna, Cody, and Breanna Hattenberger. Her granddaughter, Adriana Weise, was present as well. She passed away with her devoted family members surrounding her.

Working on the dairy farm owned by the Davis family provided Ellen, an imaginative and talented woman, with a sense of purpose and accomplishment in her life. She devoted a considerable amount of time to gardening and celebrated the autumn season by hosting a pumpkin party every year. She knitted afghans using patterns that she came up with on her own and painted landscapes based on places that she had traveled to in her lifetime. After devoting a significant amount of time to investigating the history of her family, she documented her findings in a book that she subsequently authored. The activity that Ellen enjoyed doing most was hosting get-togethers for her loved ones.

She found it especially rewarding to share her time and talents with her granddaughter, as well as her nieces and nephews, and, later on, their children. She also found it rewarding to share her time and talents with her other relatives’ children. Both Ellen’s mother, Albena Hattenberger, and her niece, Mandy Lofgren, passed away before she did. Ellen herself was the last survivor of the three. Ellen is survived by her father, Lee Hattenberger; her brothers and their families, Ed (Mary), Joe (Brenda), Bob, Jim (Betsy), John, Mike (Jane), and Greg (Becky); the Davis brothers-in-law and their families, Dale (Deb), Darryl (Bruce), Darwin (Del), and Dwayne; and the family that was with her when she passed away. Ellen is also survived by the family that was with her when she (Stana). Ellen has a large number of nieces and nephews, all of whom hold a very special place in her heart and for whom she is extremely grateful.


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