Elizabeth Raymond Obituary, Calhoun County EMS, has died – Death

Elizabeth Raymond Obituary, Calhoun County EMS, has died - Death

Elizabeth Raymond Obituary, Death – Elizabeth “Liz” Raymond was a fervent individual who worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and gave her all attention and effort to her job. Liz received her certification as an EMT in the state of South Carolina in the month of May 2022, and on July 21 of that same year, she started working for the Calhoun County Emergency Medical Services. She was a member of the “A” Shift staff, and everyone on that shift, including her managers and coworkers, regarded her in the highest regard.

Liz’s positive attitude made it possible for her to quickly lighten any setting that she entered, and even on the darkest days, you could always find her cracking jokes and wearing a smile on her face. This was because even on the darkest days, she was able to see the humor in the situation. During the time that they spent working with her, everybody had a nice time. In January of 2023, Liz got her start in the training to become a paramedic. She was overjoyed to have finally reached the point where she could begin working toward her goal of becoming a paramedic.

The unfortunate day that marked the end of her service commitment was January 15th, 2023, which also happened to be her birthday. The absence of Liz has created a big hole in the lives of all of the people who were important to her, including her family, her friends, and the people with whom she worked. We grieve the huge loss that has been incurred by the Calhoun County EMS and will keep Liz and her family in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this difficult time. We want to wish you success in reaching high Tech 12 and finding peace along your road. From this point forward, we will take care of everything.

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