Edward F. Hagerty Obituary, Former Member Rugby Community Has Died – Death

Edward F. Hagerty Obituary, Former Member Rugby Community Has Died - Death

Edward F. Hagerty Death, Obituary – Rugby Magazine has Edward F. Hagerty Jr. working as both the editor and a writer there. In addition to that, he served as captain for Holy Cross College and Old Blue NY in the past, and in 2013, he was inducted into the United States Rugby Hall of Fame. We are passing on the sad news of his passing to our audience members while carrying a huge burden in our hearts. Ed responded that he plays the sport of rugby with “more enthusiasm than talent” when asked about his abilities as a rugby player. It was in the fall of 1962, when he was a junior at Holy Cross, that he picked up the sport of rugby for the very first time.

This marked the beginning of his 14-year career. He was the captain of the Holy Cross XV team during his senior year at Holy Cross, in addition to playing loose forward for the Holy Cross XV team. After getting his high school diploma in 1964, Ed moved to New York City for a brief period of time before making the decision to enlist in the Army National Guard in order to complete his responsibility to serve in the armed forces. After beginning his service in the military with active duty for a period of six months, he was then transferred to reserve duty on weekends for the remaining five years of his commitment.

Following his discharge from the military after serving for a period of six months, Ed returned to New York City to launch his post-college career as a rugby player. This phase of his life spanned a total of 12 years. He played for the New York RFC’s first-side rugby squad from 1964 through 1967, during which time he was a member of that team. He was a member of Old Blue from 1967 till 1975 and played with them. Ed was well known to the majority of us due to his engagement with rugby; yet, prior to working for Rugby Magazine, he had a career in a number of other industries. 1967 was the year that he started his career in publishing when he was hired by Ladies Home Journal, a large women’s service magazine, to fill the job of Sales Development Manager.

This employment marked the beginning of his publishing career.

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