Dritha McCoy Obituary, Dritha McCoy Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Dritha McCoy Obituary, Dritha McCoy Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Dritha McCoy Death, Obituary – Sigh. The news that my mother’s dear friend Dritha McCoy, who passed away this morning, was one of her closest companions. On Friday, you and I had been texting one another, and I deeply regret that I did not call her instead of texting her so that I might have heard her voice. She wrote a text message expressing her sadness that her mother had “left such empty gaps in our life” after her passing. I asked her why she had to leave me behind, but she did not provide me an explanation for her decision. She was a friend of both my mother and myself, and she was a part of the small circle of close family and friends that formed the intellectual and emotional foundation for The Wednesday Sisters.

I am thankful that not only did my mom have such a fantastic friend, but that she was also my friend. Not only does this make me happy, but it also makes me grateful. She was a remarkable lady. She was always fairly artistic, and in her later years, she began making her “people,” which are really wonderful pieces of art made out of lovely wood and beads and shells and linen and I don’t even know what elseĀ  here are two of them. She was always pretty artistic. When we lived in Northbrook, her children, Jarvey, Duffy, Casey, and little Amy all of whom are now adults lived across the street from us. When we were there, I would babysit for them. Now that we live in another city, I don’t see them as often. The passing of a mother is a tragedy of the gravest magnitude.

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