Dennis Sigmon Obituary, Dennis Sigmon, 62, of Hickory, Has Passed Away

Dennis Sigmon Obituary, Death – Atrium Health Cabarrus was the location where Dennis Glenn Sigmon, who passed away on December 27, 2022, was cared for during his final days. When he passed away, he had reached the age of 62 years old. He was born in Hickory, where he went on to spend the majority of his life and raise his family. On August 7, 1960, he came into this world in the county of Catawba, which is found in the state of North Carolina in the United States of America. When he was still a small child, both of his parents passed away at the same time. Both of his parents passed away when he was still a young boy; his father, Robert L. Sigmon, was from Vero Beach, Florida, and his mother, Helen Harwell Stallings, passed away when he was still a youngster.

Dennis was a devoted follower of Christianity and also the owner of a business that was in the freight transportation industry. In addition to that, he was the owner of the business. He worked for himself and governed his life according to the tenets of his faith in everything that he did. Over the course of his driving career, which spanned more than 35 years, he amassed a wealth of experience and driving expertise. Some of the most significant and unforgettable moments of his life were spent driving across the country in his dependable Peterbilt, which he affectionately named “Big Red.” He looked back on those years as some of the most precious in his entire life.

He made the most of the spare time he had by getting together with his extensive group of close friends and enjoying himself with them. He made the most of the free time he had. He utilized the free time he had to its fullest potential. He was a committed and caring member of both his family and the community in which he resided, and he had a profound understanding for the wonders of life. He passed away at an early age. In addition to this, he had a strong appetite for learning about the world. All of the individuals who had the honor of getting to know Dennis and playing a role in his life will remember the days they spent together with a mixture of happiness and melancholy, and they will all express how much they will miss him.


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