Dayna Isaac Obituary, Penrith New South Wale Lady Found Dead – Death

Dayna Isaac Obituary, Man charged with murder over death of woman in Penrith apartment

Dayna Isaac Obituary, Death – Dayna Isaac, who was 28 years old at the time of her death, has been identified as the lady whose body was found on Monday afternoon inside an apartment in Penrith. Dayna Isaac’s body was found in the bathroom of the flat. The dead body of Dayna Isaac was found inside the apartment. Dayna Isaac’s body was found inside the apartment’s bathtub when it was cleaned up after the murder. The apartment complex that it was discovered in had a body of a deceased person on the second floor of one of the buildings.

At approximately 4:15 p.m., a second woman, who was a relative of the person who is suspected of killing Dayna, reported to police on Colless Street that she had discovered Dayna’s body, which caused the New South Wales Police to rush to the location where Dayna’s body was found. Dayna’s body was found in the backyard of a house on Colless Street. The second woman was a relative of the one who is believed to be responsible for Dayna’s death.

On Tuesday, March 25, at about 3.25 in the morning, a man who is in his thirties was taken into custody at the residence on Robinson Road in Cranebrook that he shares with his family. The guy was arrested for an alleged offense that occurred there. Cranebrook is the neighborhood in which the home is found. On Tuesday, Superintendent Carlene Mahoney revealed to the media that the male and the woman were involved in what she referred to as a “intimate connection” with one another. The nature of the relationship was characterized as being sexual. She divulged this knowledge to the members of the press while she was speaking with them. Click HERE to visit Dayna Isaac GoFundMe page.

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