David Norris Obituary, Minneapolis hit-and-run victim St. Catherine’s librarian – Death

David Norris Obituary, Minneapolis hit-and-run victim St. Catherine's librarian - Death

David Norris Death, Obituary – The motorist who caused the death of David Norris, 39, a librarian at St. Catherine’s University, and then fled the scene of the accident is still at large, and the Minneapolis police department is asking the general public for assistance in locating him. Norris was a victim of a hit-and-run accident. The deadly accident occurred on Thursday morning about seven o’clock local time close to the intersection of Cedar Avenue South and Lake Nokomis Parkway. It was a local road. The police were called because it was claimed that a person had been found in a snowbank.

Once they arrived, they found the individual. The Minneapolis Police Department has not identified any prospective individuals or automobiles that they believe may be connected to the event. They have also not located any vehicles that may have been involved. There may or may not be video surveillance of the crash, although it is not totally clear. The president of St. Catherine’s University, Becky Roloff, sent the condolences of her university upon hearing the news of Norris’s passing. She remarked about him that he had a “passion for equity in information access and connecting users with the resources they need.”

“He was driven by a passion for connecting people with the resources they need.” He was inspired by a desire for bridging the gap between individuals and the resources they require. His employees thought of Norris as a kind person who enjoyed traveling to new locations and being outside in nature. Norris took enjoyment in both of these activities. The year 2017 marked the year that he graduated from St. Catherine University with a bachelor’s degree. This was his first time genuinely being a complete cataloger, and it was very lovely to see him really get into what he absolutely adored, and grow in that role, according to Emily Asch, who is the director of the University’s library and archives.

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