David Boyd Obituary, Learn More About David Boyd – Death

David Boyd Obituary, Learn More About David Boyd - Death

David Boyd Obituary, Death – The two male victims who were slain on Tuesday in the Russell area by a bullet have been identified by the coroners who investigated the incident. Both victims were shot to death. The incident that resulted in the shooting took place on Tuesday. According to the findings of the Jefferson County Coroner’s Officei, whch was able to identify the two male fatalities, Caleb Pace was 46 years old when he went away, and David Boyd was 49 years old when he passed away. Both men were identified as having been killed in the same incident. Both of the men were white in their skin coloration.

After receiving reports of a shooting in the surrounding area on Tuesday evening at seven o’clock, officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department were dispatched to the 3100 block of Vermont Avenue in the surrounding region in order to investigate the reported incident. Pace was discovered by the officers who responded to the site suffering from a substantial number of gunshot wounds, and he was actively bleeding to death at the time of their discovery. It was decided that he had passed away at the location where the search party found him and it was determined that he had died there.

Boyd and another child were located not too much longer after that, and when they were found, both of the children were suffering from gunshot wounds. Boyd was found first. Boyd had been shot. Boyd was sent to the University of Louisville Hospital as his condition grew worse; unfortunately, he did not make it through his stay at the hospital and passed dead there. It was said that after the event, the youngster was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital, where it was stated that they were now in stable condition there. The Little Rock Police Department has not announced whether or if they still have any suspects in relation with this crime. They have also not confirmed that they do not have any suspects. They also have not verified that they do not have any suspects in their investigation. They have not even confirmed that there are no suspects involved in the inquiry that they are conducting.

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