Danielle Layton Obituary Binghamton New York Resident Danielle Layton Has Died

Danielle Layton Obituary Binghamton New York Resident Danielle Layton Has Died

Danielle Layton Obituary, Death – My entire being is in shambles. In addition, my heart simply isn’t able to endure any more pain this year. For the past 21 years, I have had the privilege of serving as your older sister. I was able to witness you transform into the stunning young lady that you are now. And the fact that I have to write this makes me feel completely horrible. I’m absolutely broken I am unable to give you a call and discuss this matter with you. I can’t hear you laughing and saying “Omg Jewels,” and I can’t hear you telling me how extra I am. I can’t hear either of those things.

Knowing you? You’d be laughing because you’re the type of person who laughs at the most inappropriate times. And I’m getting very close to hearing it. We were so close to having another year in which we would have been the same age for some time and in which we would have made fun of your sister for being the same age as us. This cannot be right. It is not acceptable. It defies logic and common sense. Nobody’s sister, daughter, or friend should have to be laid to rest when they’re still so young. And with that, none of us was ready for what happened next.

My precious little child, look at you! Oh, Danielle Layton, how on earth am I going to get through this life without you? I will never be the same I will miss your kisses on my cheek your mamas your laugh everything about you you were perfect and you never left my side from the time you were a baby this world is just cruel and you were too good for any of it you were so loving and caring oh why baby girl? I will miss every minute of every second of every day. It will never be right that you were taken too soon. You were looking forward to so much in your life, and you were so excited.

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