Dan Fisk Obituary, Two Men Has Being Killed – Death

Dan Fisk Obituary, Two Men Has Being Killed - Death

Dan Fisk & Kris Fisk Death, Obituary – Dan Fisk, age 67, of Noxen, and Kris Fisk, age 59, of Harveys Lake, were both sadly snatched from this world while engaging in an activity that they enjoyed on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Dan was from Noxen, and Kris was from Harveys Lake. Dan was born in Kingston on July 6, 1955, and Kris on January 9, 1964; both of their births took place in that city. They were the sons of Charles and June Fisk, but sadly, both of their parents had passed away prior to the birth of their children. Both Dan and Kris attended Lake-Lehman High School during their high school careers; however, Dan graduated with the Class of 1973 while Kris graduated with the Class of 1982.

Both worked as boiler makers for Local #13, the union that they belonged to. Both of them were big fans of being outside and spending time in nature, and two of their favorite things to do in nature were fishing and hunting. Dan was a member of the Back Mountain Harvest Assembly Church, which was located in Shavertown, the town in which he lived. Kris served in the United States Army Reserves during his time in the military. These two people share a kind and giving nature in equal measure. There are two brothers in this scenario, and although each of them possesses his own set of distinguishing qualities, everything that can be said about one of them can also be said about the other.

They are two of the most trustworthy individuals that you will ever have the privilege of speaking with. Due to the fact that they were consistently so open and honest, you were never required to speculate regarding how they were feeling or what they were thinking. Their outrageous actions never failed to make you laugh out loud and provided the idea that the world was a better place as a result of their being in it. They had a profound comprehension of forgiveness and how to make something that had been done wrong into something that had been done correctly. They were the kind of sympathetic folks who never missed an opportunity to wrap their arms around you and give you a hug when the moment was just perfect.

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