Cynthia Wilson Obituary, Resident of Odessa, Texa has died – Death

Cynthia Wilson Obituary, Resident of Odessa, Texa has died - Death

Cynthia Wilson Death, Obituary – Cynthia Jane Wilson, who was 56 years old when she went away, was residing in the city of Odessa, Texas, when she passed away on Thursday, January 12, 2023, in her home. She was born in Galesburg, Illinois, on September 17, 1966, to the late Billy T. Wilson and the late Mary Lee Wilson, both of whom had passed away previously (Benge). Both of her parents had passed away at this point. One of Cynthia and her father’s most favorite activities together was going fishing. She felt a profound attachment to her family and was going through a terrible case of homesickness.

Cashier was the job title that Cynthia had at her place of employment. She had a soft spot in her heart for dogs and felines, but she was a huge animal lover overall. She was quite proud of her work as a gardener and cleaner, and she even cultivated her own tomatoes in her own yard. Because of her fiery nature and her passion for riding motorbikes, she was not your typical grandmother in any way, shape, or form. You almost certainly had a very decent notion of how things stood between the two of you! She had a soft spot in her heart for her grandchildren, and out of her love for them, she gave each of them a special name.

Her children are named Cassey Smith, Nichole Grosline, and Michael Sparks; her sisters are Tricia Ricketts and Billie Ann Wilson; her brothers are Jeff Wilson and Dusty Wilson; and her grandchildren are named Alexander Smith, Brantley Smith, Archer Sparks, Caleb Grosline, and Aidan Grosline. Those who are left to honor her love and memory are her significant other, Richard “Red” Smith; her daughters, Cassey Smith and Nichole Grosline; and her son, Richard Grosline. Memorial services will be held at Brotherhood of the 74th, which can be found in Odessa, Texas at 5711 Andrews Hwy., on the Saturday, January 14, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon.

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