Coby Manuel Obituary, Couple Found Dead In Home off O’Neal Lane

Coby Manuel Obituary, Death – In what appears to be the aftermath of a shooting, two dead bodies were discovered inside a residence in a hamlet located outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Both of the victims had been shot to death. The sequence of events that ultimately resulted in their deaths is not completely understood at this time. On the day of the occurrence, just before 12:30 p.m., the bodies of the two people who had died could be found on White Oak Trace Drive, which can be accessed by O’Neal Lane. White Oak Trace Drive is located in the area that was affected by the incident. WBRZ spoke with others who indicated that the two persons were a married couple and that it appeared as though they had been dead for some time prior to their discovery on Monday.

The bodies of the two individuals were found on Monday. On Monday, the bodies of the two people were discovered in the woods. On Monday, their bodies were found in the woods where they had been missing. A number of additional websites have identified Jenell Manuel and her brother Coby Manuel as the people in question. The Manuels are believed to have been involved in the incident. The authorities claim that the couple was discovered on Monday when a member of the couple’s family went to check on the property out of concern for its condition because they had not heard from the couple for some days and were concerned about its situation. According to the allegations made by the authorities, the couple was found when the family member went to check on the property out of concern for its condition. This was due to the fact that the family had not heard from the pair in a while and was worried about its current state because of this.


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