Clive Borrell Obituary, Clive Borrell Has Passed Away – Death

Clive Borrell Obituary, Clive Borrell Has Passed Away - Death

Clive Borrell Death, Obituary – I send on the information that Clive has passed away to all of his friends and followers with a heavy heart since it brings me a great lot of pain. Clive was well liked and respected by many people. We must now say our goodbyes to him because he is no longer with us. He fought a brave and underappreciated battle against the terrible sickness that ultimately took his life, but unfortunately he was unable to overcome it and passed away. He accomplished this while maintaining his composure.

Because he tried so hard to keep his sickness a secret from those who knew him, I am aware that this might come as a bit of a surprise to them. He hid his disease so well. He had the bravery to conceal his illness from people who were close to him. Clive, may you finally find the peace that you’ve been searching for in the afterlife. My initial reaction was one of shock, followed by an overwhelming sense of sadness; during this trying time, my thoughts and prayers are with every member of his family. When cancer caused me to lose vision in my right eye, Clive was a tremendous support for me and helped me through that difficult time.

In addition to that, he helped me recover the self-assurance I needed to get back behind the wheel of a vehicle. Because of everything he has done for me, I will devote the rest of my life to expressing gratitude to him.

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